Cheat sheets for Flare keyboard shortcuts

Harness MadCap Flare’s mighty, but daunting user interface with one of three cheat sheets of keyboard shortcuts for MadCap Flare.

We are starting to use Flare to get serious about single-sourcing and re-using our topics. I’ve been using Flare before, but I still don’t always know where to find a certain function or how to quickly open one of its many window panes. This is where keyboard shortcuts come in handy. Of course, I’m not the first user to find them helpful, so you can choose from three different cheat sheets:

The official full monty

The official shortcut reference in PDF by MadCap contains two lists of shortcuts, one sorted by tasks, the other sorted by shortcuts. The annotated tables fill a total of 14 pages. That’s good for an exhaustive reference, but less useful for a cheat sheet to keep next to the keyboard.

The quickie

This 1-page quick reference in PDF is by Scott DeLoach, a MadCap Certified Instructor for Flare who has written the MadCap Flare Certified Test Review + Developer’s Guide, MadCap Software’s Flare Training Guide, and other Flare Guides.

The new homegrown

This is my own new 2-page quick reference in PDF, mashed up from the two previous sources:

Click to download the 2-page cheat sheet in PDF.

It’s 1 page with all shortcuts listed by Flare element and 1 page with all shortcuts listed by action. If you’re using Flare, I hope you find it helpful.