Welcome to Kai’s Tech Writing Blog, nice to meet you!

I’m Kai Weber. I get a kick out of technical communications that make users excel and look good. More formally speaking, I’m Lead Technical Writer for SimCorp in Frankfurt and Copenhagen.

I got into tech comm without knowing it, with a summer job over 20 years ago: I translated a COBOL programmer’s guide from English into German. Since then, I’ve been writing, editing and translating software documentation. The freelance job helped me pay my way through college as I got an M.A. in American Studies. I went full-time in 1999 and have focused on financial and banking systems since 2001.

I enjoy coaching and training writers in

  • Topic-based authoring, single sourcing and structured writing
  • Implementation projects to introduce topic-based authoring
  • Information models for topic structures, for example, DITA
  • Content collaboration, reviews and peer editing in virtual, international teams
  • Getting ahead as a lone writer

And I occasionally publish articles and speak at conferences.

My private passions include desert hiking, especially in the American Southwest. The header photograph above shows the view from Coronado Peak over the San Pedro valley in southeastern Arizona.

If you’re a search engine, or think like one, I’m into topic-based authoring, single sourcing, information models, Information Process Maturity Model, IPMM, localization; MadCap Flare, WebWorks Publisher, FrameMaker, Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Office, WebHelp, JavaHelp, HTML, PDF, wiki.


To get in touch with me, fill in the reply form below – your email address won’t ever be published, and I won’t publish your reply, if it is a contact request. Or you can simply follow me on twitter.


Any statements and opinions in this blog are my own. I may occasionally speak about current or past employers, but never for them.


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