Top 10 tech comm conferences in 2014

Several worthwhile conferences that are relevant for tech comm are scheduled for next year. Here are eight I know about. Help me to round out the Top 10 by suggesting missing ones via the comments! Thanks to everybody who suggested more conferences via comments and twitter!

20-21 Feb 14, Bangalore, IN – tcworld India 2014

26-28 Feb 14, San Jose, CA – Intelligent Content

3-6 Mar 14, Palm Springs, CA – Writers UA West

10-11 Mar 14, Budapest, HU – Write the Docs

13-15 Apr 14, San Diego, CA – MadWorld
I will present sessions on pattern recognition and mental models and a lightning talk.

05-06 May 14, Portland, OR – Write the Docs

18-21 May 14, Phoenix, AZ – STC Summit
I will show how to get From Unstructured Documentation to Structured Topics.

5-6 Jun 14, Kraków, PL – UA Europe

18-20 Jun 14, Gatwick, UK – Congility 2014

Summer? Cincinnati, OH – Open Help (no details for 2014 yet)

16-18 Sep 14, venue unknown, UK – TCUK (web site not yet available)

13–15 Oct 14, Portland, OR – Lavacon (web site not yet available)

11-13 Nov 14, Stuttgart, DE – tekom/tcworld (web site not yet available)

3 Responses

  1. Hi Kai,

    You missed out Congility 2014! However, like LavaCon and Intelligent Content, Congility t really “techcomm conferences”. You should rename this “Valueable conferences for techcomm professionals”.

    Our call for speakers is up if you’d like to submit:

  2. Sorry…

    *Isn’t really a pure “techcomm conference”. Many of the most valuable events are not siloed anymore (in my biased opinion).

  3. Here are 2 more:

    Write the Docs conference in Portland:

    Open Help conference:

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