Tech comm MOOC by STC not happening apparently

The STC’s MOOC which I announced last month is apparently not happening. It was supposed to let participants explore the field of technical communications, and I was scheduled to teach the introductory module starting 30 September.

My assumption that the MOOC is not happening is based on the facts I have at this point:

  • There has been no announcement by the STC beyond an introductory one-page article in the July/August issue of the STC’s intercom magazine.
  • There is no place to sign up for the MOOC and to get specific information.
  • There is no content in the MOOC’s staging area.

I’m really sorry that it’s not happening.

I think we’ve lost a great opportunity to let people know what a varied and vibrant profession technical communication is. That we are mainly about improving relationships with customers and users where people meet products and services – not about spelling and serial commas.

At a time when professions and job requirements develop rapidly around us, it is important to prove that technical communicators do add value and play important roles in defining and implementing content strategies and user experiences – and this MOOC would have been a great chance to do just that.


10 Responses

  1. This is very disappointing, Kai. I hope that this is just a short delay, and that someone at STC can provide an explanation.

    • Thanks for your compassion, Larry. A delay it might yet turn out to be, but I think it’s also questionable communication to leave audience and instructors in the dark, 10 days before we’re supposed to start. I find it quite baffling, really, for technical communication professionals…

  2. What a shame… it could have finally been “The Thing” to keep STC relevant. 😦

    • Thanks, Rick. I think that’s overstating the importance of the MOOC a bit, but I understand what you mean, and I’m thinking in the same direction.

  3. I’m sorry to hear that the MOOC appears to have slipped off the radar screen. I was looking forward to it, and I hope that it will be revived. Thank you for your involvement.

    • Thanks, Lori, at this point there isn’t enough to be revived really – maybe too many people underestimated how much work it actually is, I don’t know…

  4. Hallo Kai

    What a pity. I’m sure you’ve put a lot of work into this, which makes it even more of a pity it’s not going ahead. Kudos for being part of such an ambitious and visionary project.


  5. I heard at tekom/tcworld last week from sources close to the STC that the MOOC in its current incarnation has been cancelled for good.

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