Top 3 reasons TCUK12 is a unique conference

TCUK is one of my favorite tech comm conferences thanks to its unique blend of varied, yet relevant progamming and a diverse crowd in a small, personable conference.

Logo of the TCUK conferenceTCUK in Newcastle from 2 to 4 October will be the third time I attend the conference, and if anything I’m looking forward to it even more than in previous years. Here are 3 reasons for my anticipation.

1. Interdisciplinary sessions

All tech comm conferences, including TCUK, manage to put on a diverse mix of interesting and applicable sessions. TCUK excels in reaching out into other disciplines.

In previous years, presentations covered fields such as statistics, public speaking, user experience design, and cognitive science. Not only were those sessions engaging, they also took care to show how they’re relevant and applicable to technical communications. (Full disclosure: I was co-presenter at one of those sessions.)

2. Diverse crowd

While larger conferences like the STC Summit and tekom/tcworld can be a bit overwhelming and anonymous, I find TCUK has a very good size: Large enough to draw a diverse crowd of interesting people, yet small enough that I never felt I was lost and still looking at strangers’ faces on the third day.

3. Personable vibe

The organizers from ISTC manage to create a professional, communal vibe that all but eliminates the differences between speakers, seasoned attendees and newbies. As far as I know, the organizers want speakers to attend the full conference, if at all possible, to encourage networking.

If you know other reasons that make TCUK unique or if you’re wondering just how good it is, feel free to leave a comment.