Welcome to summer reruns, episode 1

My blog and I are taking it a little easier for a couple of weeks.

I really enjoy writing posts, hearing from you and keeping in touch with other tech comm’ers from far and near. And I thank every one who’s stopped by to chime in or just to read! I keep learning from your comments, and I appreciate your support! It’s been a warm summer’s breeze… 🙂

As I’m gearing up for the new season, here are some reruns from the 10 most popular posts on my blog.

Top 10 things that users want to do in a help system

… in which I draw parallels between a help system, a department store and a library to illustrate how customers want to navigate each one.

Top 3 success factors in online help systems

… in which I apply some of Cameron Chapman’s “10 Usability Tips Based on Research Studies” to online documentation and come up with factors that can make or break help systems.

Top 4 benefits of writing a tech comm blog

… in which I celebrated my blog’s first anniversary, reminiscing about the various ways it’s been good to me – and continues to be!  🙂


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