Top 3 reasons to attend Congility 2011

Relevant topics, great speakers and a price that’s hard to beat (for at least one person) make Congility 2011 a great conference to attend.

Conferences are a great way to keep in touch with fellow tech communicators, content strategists, UX experts, e-learning pros and user assistance speecialists – as I’ve pointed out before.

Congility 2011

One conference worth going to this year is Congility 2011. Here are just a few of the talks which will be good and worthwhile. (I’m fairly certain because I’ve heard the speakers on related topics before, and am convinced they know what they’re doing.)

Other talks I’m curious to hear are:

Bad news and good news

The bad news about Congility is that I won’t be able to go – they won’t hold up the production cycle for the writer to attend a conference, and the deadline looms. 😦

The good news is I can give away

one free conference ticket (valued at 495 GBP) and
a 20% discount for everyone else

Thanks go to the newly joined conference sponsors who make this new last-minute offer possible. Here are the details:

Congility 2011, May 24-26, just outside London, England, is for content professionals looking to advance their organisation’s goals with better content strategy, management and process. It is the only European platform bringing together such a diversity of content experts and learning opportunities under one roof. Learn from ‘The Mother of Content Management’, Ann Rockley, renowned content strategist Rahel Bailie, and case studies from eBay, Nokia, AMD, IBM, AGFA and more.

As part of an arrangement with this blog, you could attend completely free, by taking advantage of this unique discount code. The first person to use the code below will be given access to the conference (but not workshops) at no cost to them besides travel and expenses. Everyone else who uses the code will be entitled to the 20% discount*:


* If you can’t go even at 20% discount, you can cancel your registration without commitment or penalty.


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