@techwriterkai popular posts, part 2

My blog is taking a spring break and is due back on May 9.

I thank you for reading and commenting. Your support and feedback is the lifeline of this blog and makes it all worthwhile!

As I’m taking a break, I invite you to check out (or revisit) a few of my all-time popular posts:

Top 3 success factors in online help systems

… in which I apply usability tips based on research to online documentation and come up with three success factors: Speed, structure, and spacing.

Top 10 reasons for tech writers and trainers to collaborate

… in which I explain why and how technical communicators can and should collaborate with trainers to offer customers a unified and cost-effective learning experience.

Ragged-right or justified alignment?

… in which I argue for the preference of ragged-right over justified alignment in print and point to several sources where research supports the argument.

Bonus insight

Buzzwords in post headings do work: Of my all-time top 10 posts, four are “Top X something” and two include the word “trend” in the heading…

Your turn

Which older blog posts do you find worth revisiting (whether it’s from my blog or any other tech comm-related blog out there)? Feel free to leave a comment!

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