@techwriterkai’s popular posts, part 1

My blog is taking a spring break for two weeks and is due back on May 9.

I thank you for reading and commenting. Your support and feedback is the lifeline of this blog and make it all worthwhile!

As I’m taking a break, I invite you to check out (or revisit) a few of my all-time popular posts:

2011 megatrend in technical communications

… in which I roll three predictions by Sarah O’Keefe for technical communicators into one megatrend: To position tech comm as a business in its own right – or to be redundant in the long run.

Top 10 things that users want to do in a help system

… in which I draw parallels to a department store or a library to illustrate how customers want to navigate each one.

Top 4 benefits of writing a tech comm blog

… in which I get a little more specific about what exactly I get out of this blog.

Bonus recommendation

If you’re looking for a soundtrack for spring that sounds all mediterranean, outdoors-y, party-esque, incredibly joyful and danceable, I highly recommend “Mlah” the criminally overlooked debut album by Negresses Vertes. Start with tracks 4, 7 and 10.

Cover of Negresses Vertes' debut album Mlah

Your turn

Which older blog posts do you find worth revisiting (whether it’s from my blog or any other tech comm-related blog out there)? What’s your spring soundtrack? Feel free to leave a comment!


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