STC Summit Timetable

The STC Summit is a month away, so what better tool to build up a pre-conference buzz than a timetable that shows the plethora of panels and presentations side by side? I couldn’t find one on the conference web site, so I made a PDF timetable with links that’s current as of yesterday, April 13:

Excerpt of a hand-made timetable of STC summit sessions

Caveat emptor:

  1. The Tuesday slot from 1 to 2 pm is way overbooked. Not sure this is a good idea. Maybe they’ll move half of those sessions to a fifth slot on Monday? UPDATE: Alan Houser, the STC Summit conference manager, points out that what looks overbooked on Tuesday between 1 and 2 pm are really “concurrent demonstrations in our new ‘Project Showcase'”. So it shouldn’t be a problem… πŸ™‚
  2. I’m not affiliated with the STC Summit in any way, in fact, I won’t even be attending. All I did was take data from the summit web site, edit some titles for brevity and rearrange everything into a spreadsheet.

I just thought it would be cool to have something like this and hope it’s useful… πŸ™‚


4 Responses

  1. Thanks for doing this. I am in the process of determining which sessions I plan to attend, and this will save me a ton of time!

  2. Kai,

    Thank you very much for providing this resource!

    Many of the titles in the Tuesday 1-2 p.m. slot are concurrent demonstrations in our new “Project Showcase”. Seeing each demonstration listed separately makes the time slot appear much more crowded than it really is.

    -Alan Houser
    Conference Manager, 2011 STC Summit

  3. @Jamie: You’re welcome, glad you find it useful!

    @Alan: Thanks for pointing this out, I’ve updated the blog post accordingly!

  4. This is terrific! Thank you very much.

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