Improvements in Kai’s Tech Writing Blog

I’m now maintaining a page about past and upcoming articles and conferences called Elsewhere. It’s always available via the header tab.

And I have new header photograph which a couple of readers have asked about: I have a passion for the American Southwest and like to hike its deserts and mountains. The picture shows springtime in the Huachuca Mountains of southeastern Arizona. The view is from Coronado Peak looking east towards the San Pedro river valley. Walk off to the right/south for a couple of miles, and you’re in Mexico.

4 Responses

  1. Looks nice, Kai. The photo tops off a very clean design.

    • Thank you, Arnold!

      I mean the design is really WordPress’s, of course, but I wasn’t too happy with the previous etching of Saint Jerome all in grey and black… Somehow, the blue Arizona sky is a better anchor, I feel. Thanks for noticing!

  2. Very cool! Love the changes, Kai. Reminds me of the ever expanding and thrilling landscape of technical communications! 😉

    • Thanks, Bill!

      Yeah, I was also thinking how we techcomm’ers need to climb mountains sometimes to get a good view of the lay of the land and so on… It CAN be very exciting territory – as long as the weather’s not too bad, right…? 😉

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