Getting ahead as a lone author, the article

“Getting ahead as a lone author”, based on my presentation in last September’s TCUK conference, appeared as a 3.5-page article in the current Winter 2010 issue of ISTC’s Communicator.

Click the cover to download the article in PDF.

Click to download the article in PDF.

I’ve covered lone authors over the last months in blog posts and in my presentation, after which Katherine Judge, commissioning editor of ISTC’s quarterly, asked me to write it up as an article which I share with you today.

It’s a concise summary of my talk, along these headings:

  • Overcome benign neglect
  • Buy yourself time
    • Implement topic-based authoring
    • Don’t test when you should be documenting
    • Learn to say ‘later’ and ‘no’
    • Control interruptions
  • Treat documentation as a business
    • Make documentation an asset
    • Estimate documentation effort
    • Plan documentation properly
    • Embrace reporting and metrics

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  2. Congratulations, Kai! Now all you need is a movie deal – “Getting Ahead as a Lone Author: The Movie.”

    • Excellent idea, Bill! I’ll get my agent on the case right away. I can see it already: “The Return of the Son of Lone Author, Part III”! 🙂

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  4. Lone authors, unite!

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