How to wash George Harrison’s car

This is from 1962 when George Harrison was trying to break into tech writing, playing guitar on the side. He’s not bad for a 19-year old. To wit:

  • He presents the procedure step by step.
  • He uses the imperative for clear instructions – though he lapses into conditional “should”s occasionally.
  • He speaks to his reader’s needs and allows her to interrupt the procedure for a cup of tea – twice!

So the world lost a promising tech writer – but gained a wonderfully imaginative guitarist. Well done, George! And thank you for the music.


One Response

  1. Amazing detail, but not surprising based on his workman attitude towards his music. Thanks for sharing some interesting memorabilia and a great analysis. I also chuckled some at his humor.

    If I liked tea, I’d get a cup now.

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