Three more tips for reading outside…

… reading outside the tech writing box, that is… 🙂 After the previous post, three more items crossed my way which I want to recommend:

  1. My friend Scott Nesbitt has a similar and interesting post on his personal blog which I’ve discovered only now… Scott recommends books, articles and blogs and says what he gets out of them, so check it out!
  2. I’ve since started another book by Alain de Botton which I can recommend wholeheartedly: The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work, a reflective and well-written “hymn to the intelligence, peculiarity, beauty and horror of the modern workplace and, not least, its extraordinary claim to provide us, alongside love, with the principal source of life’s meaning.” It shares Botton#s knack for observation and style with the previously mentioned Art of Travel.
  3. And speaking of writing about jobs and occupations, I also liked the colloquial collection of biographical portraits by Po Bronson What Should I Do With My Life?

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